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Dryfti is an analytics platform for RideShare drivers. Download our app for iOS Today!

Drivers use dryfti to make decisions about where and when they should be online, whether to go to or avoid the airport. Whether or not to park and wait or drive elsewhere to find their next passenger.

Dryfti helps drivers optimize their performance and efficiency by providing insights made possible through Machine Learning. Dryfti's predictive technology generates a visual display to highlight the region where their next passenger is most likely to request a ride from in real time. The Dryfti demand map leverages geographical data with driver activity to predict hourly demand in your vicinity. Dryfti also provides airport flight analysis by the hour.


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Operate with the power of artificial intelligence at your fingertips.

Live Updates

Live updates show you your competitors in real time.

Location Based

Predictions are drawn from historic and geographical data, the location of competing drivers as well as your current location.


Details Coming Soon

Customized Predictions

Select the services you drive for to receive predictions specific to that platform.

Real Time

Live updates show you passenger predictions in real time.

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